Some of Our Most Popular Articles from 2017

It’s fun to look back at what was popular and what you found helpful from last year, so today I’m sharing some of our most popular articles from 2017! Some are hands-on activities, others are related to learning styles or particular subjects, some have to do with special homeschool situations (such as homeschooling an only child or a child with ADHD), a few are related to holidays, and there are some “just for fun” articles too!

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We always love to know which articles you enjoy and find helpful! We hope you’ll take a look at any of the articles below that you might be able to use and enjoy, and of course we hope you’ll leave us a comment letting us know what topics you’d like to see us write about this year.

YOU are the reason we do what we do, and we’re thankful for each of you! Thanks too for a wonderful 2017!


Unpoppable Bubble Recipe with Free Printable

This article includes a printable recipe for making your own “unpoppable” bubbles. These are fun to make no matter what the time of year!


Science Experiment, Temptation, and the Bible

This science experiment not only teaches your children science principles, but it also teaches a valuable life lesson!


10 Herbs That Repel Garden Pests

As you dream of spring, it’s a great time for you and your children to start planning your garden! This article shares some practical advice about herbs you can grow to help repel garden pests naturally.


Ages & Stages:


Preschool Math with Counting Bears {Free Printable}

Counting Bears are a fun way to get your children interested in math at an early age! Math doesn’t have to be scary and boring!


How I Taught My 4-Year-Old Number ID (0-100) in a Day!

If you’re looking for a simple way to teach your young children number identification, try this!


High School:

Massive List of History Curriculum for Homeschool High School Options

History is a subject that can easily be tweaked to fit different learning styles! Take a look at this huge list of history curriculum options for high school to help you choose the one that’s right for your child.


Possible Courses for Fulfilling High School Electives

Electives for high school are sometimes overlooked, but they can be important for the high school transcript–especially for students who are college bound! This list of possible electives will help you identify which electives your high schooler may want to pursue.


Working Homeschool Moms:

7 Scheduling Tips for a Working Homeschool Mom

More and more working moms are homeschooling now! Working moms have to be more intentional about scheduling, but they can definitely make it work. Here are some great tips for scheduling for moms who work and homeschool too.


HEART Trips:

Space Camp – Homeschool Enrichment Adventure Road Trip

We had a great time at our Space Camp HEART Trip in October of 2017! This popular post shared the details about the trip with our audience. We plan to go back to Space Camp in October of 2018, so keep watching for


Free Printables by Topic:

Free Activities, Lessons, and Printables About Art

Have a budding artist in your family? Looking for some great freebies? Here are some activities, lessons, and printables all related to art.


Free Geography Printables

Geography is a subject that more homeschoolers are including in their curriculum. Here are some printables to go along with your geography curriculum. (NOTE: Take a look below at the “Learning Styles and Subjects” category where you’ll find another article called “The Joy of Geography.”)


Reformation Day Activities

The Reformation brought about the establishment of the Protestant Church and was important in the preservation of the Gospel. Here we’re sharing some activities you might want to add to your Reformation Day studies!


Printables and Resources for Book Reports

Book reports are something most of us do with our children, but they can get boring! These printables and resources will help remedy that problem. Have fun!


Minecraft and Architecture Printables

What’s more fun than Minecraft and architecture?! Take a look at these fun printables related to both.


Special Homeschool Situations:


You CAN Homeschool an ADHD Child

More and more families are homeschooling children with ADHD. This article will encourage you if you are homeschooling or considering homeschooling a child with ADHD.


Natural Ways to Help Your Child Focus in School

Many of us (and our children!) have trouble concentrating sometimes. There are natural ways to help boost concentration!


Only Child:

Challenges of Homeschooling an Only Child

Homeschooling an only child is a unique situation. If you have an only child, this article is for you!


Year Round Homeschooling:

The Benefits of Homeschooling Year Round (with Free Printable)

Are you thinking of homeschooling year round? This article and these printable calendars will help you decide if year round homeschooling might be right for you, and it will help you plan your year too!


Learning Styles and Subjects:

Learning Styles:

Homeschool Curriculum for Kinesthetic Learners

Most young children fall into this category! They love to move and be active while learning. Older children and adults can fall into this category too. Check out this list of curriculum (shared by subject) for kinesthetic learners.



The Joy of Geography

Geography can be fun! Take a look at this article to find out how to make your geography studies more enjoyable.


Magic Tree House Unit Studies

Who doesn’t love the Magic Tree House books?! This article shares information about lesson plans/unit studies for this series.


Recipes for Busy Moms:

Make Ahead Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

Most moms are busy, and it can be hard to plan meals and keep everyone fed! This make ahead mac & cheese recipe is great to put in the freezer to pull out on a busy day.



Printable Easter Story Trivia Game

This printable Easter story trivia game has been a huge hit! If you’re looking for a fun and easy Easter-related game to play with your family, Sunday school class, or friends, this is it.


3 Reasons Not to “Do School” in December

December is a busy time of year for most of us. Some families choose to do school in December, but others like to take the month off. Here you’ll find 3 reasons not to do school in December.


More Popular Articles:

Top 10 Homeschool Do’s and Don’ts

This is a long-time favorite article! There are a few “do’s” and “don’ts” that it’s good to keep in mind as you homeschool.


5 Lies People Believe About Homeschooled Kids

This is a great article to share with friends and family!


#365homeschool Instagram Challenge

This was a fun Instagram challenge that we started for 2017!


Dear Younger Me: About All Those Things You Fear

We shared a Dear Younger Me series of posts over the past year or so. Whether you’re a new homeschooler or if you’ve been homeschooling for years, you’ll enjoy (and hopefully be inspired by!) this article and others in the series.


Can You Spell the Most Misspelled Word in Your State?

Sometimes a just-for-fun article catches on and becomes popular. This one was a hit!

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