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3 Things I Don’t Skip During a Busy Season 

We all have seasons where busyness threatens to consume us. We’re so busy that our homes become a dumping ground as we finally get back to the house because we are too exhausted to even entertain the idea of cleaning things. Dentist appointments, doctor visits, family pictures, music lessons, play dates, and field trips have a way of landing right on top of each other. From morning till dinner the family is out of the house.


As a homeschooling family, the chaos can get even worse when school supplies are left out as you run from one thing to the next. The science project just sits there begging to be completed.

Have you been there?

I like to call these seasons survival mode. We do the bare minimum to get us through each day. We know that the season will end soon enough to get things back under control. These seasons can be as short as a week or last as long as a month or more.

There isn’t a specific timeframe–it’s simply when life is too busy to get everything done that we would normally get done. The laundry may pile up, the dishes might need to sit longer, the floors may not get swept every night as you are running from one errand to the next.

Busy seasons make you thankful for the mundane chores.

It’s the mundane chores that we do every day that make the biggest impact.

Yet during a busy season, we can’t do it all. Hence, the term survival mode. So we need to decide what it is that we should do and what things we have to let slide. This will be different for everyone, but here are the three things I have learned that are a must in the midst of chaos.

1. Bible reading

This is a must. My whole day is better if I have spent time with the Lord. I find myself impatient, snappy, lacking joy and peace if I don’t fill myself up on the Word each morning. I have tried telling myself that I’ll get to my Bible reading later in the day when there is more time, but honestly, in a busy season there isn’t more time in the day. I’ve learned to just get it done first thing in morning.

This doesn’t look like a 30-minute-long Bible study devotion time. Busy seasons don’t offer us that luxury. It may be just a few verses and a quick prayer. It could be 10 minutes reading a chapter. It could mean listening to your YouVersion app while you do your makeup. Make it a priority to get God’s Word into your heart before you face the crazy day ahead.

2. Dishes

Most everything else can get out of hand, except the dishes. Every night before I go to bed I am sure to load and start the dishwasher. Even if I can’t fit all of the days worth of dishes into the dishwasher, at least the majority of them are being washed while I sleep. It may take 10 minutes that you could be collapsing into your comfy bed but having an empty sink when you wake up makes you feel like you have something under control when everywhere else you turn seems to be getting out of control.

If you let dishes sit too long, they’re harder to clean and sooner or later you will have no dishes to eat on. How frustrating would that be to come home to make dinner to find you have no cookware or clean dishes to use? Don’t let it get to that point, do one load of dishes a day even during a busy, especially during a busy season.

3. Wash one load of laundry a day

When we are constantly on the move, finding time (or energy!) to fold laundry doesn’t usually happen. But we can’t be walking around naked either. I’ve found that washing and drying one load of laundry a day is a happy middle ground. The clothes will get folded eventually, but if someone needs a clean pair of pants, they can at least know they have some clean. They just have to find them in the laundry mountain. 

Life isn’t always going to be calm. There are going to be seasons where you need to dump and run. Life shouldn’t always be a busy season because living in survival mode is not healthy. But when you find yourself in the midst of a busy season, making time to read your Bible and doing one load of dishes and laundry a day will save your sanity and make life feel less chaotic. I can’t skip them because I’ve learned that it makes me feel unbalanced and out of control if I do. As wives and homeschooling moms, we need to have some control. Otherwise our homes become places where nobody wants to be. Don’t get to that point!


Anastasia is the wife of her High School sweetheart and mama to three little ones. In between the craziness of laundry, meals, and homeschooling she enjoys reading, writing, sewing, crafting and anything pink! She has the desire to inspire women to pursue holiness in their everyday lives, and you can find her doing just that over at Ana Wins! You can also find her over on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!


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