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My kids are 6 and 4, and LOVE to help me in the kitchen. Not only do they like to help me cook, but they even love to help do things that I consider tedious like wash and dry the dishes and scrub the floor. You would think that I would not only welcome the help, but maybe even not get quite as stressed because I have help. I admit that unfortunately too often this isn’t true. I personally have fallen into the trap of doing everything myself instead of taking the LITTLE bit of extra time and energy to involve the kids.

Here is the thing, if you step back and think about it, involving the kids in the kitchen is, in my opinion, one of the best things you can do around the house. Kids can benefit SO much!

Cooking with the kids is not only fun for them but can be educational in many ways. By being involved in the cooking process, kids will they begin to understand what role the different ingredients play around your kitchen. If you really want to be thorough, you can explain about each ingredient, where it comes from, its history, etc. Math comes into play when you break out the measuring cups and spoons. Be sure to take the time to explain the fractions, even small kids can begin to comprehend halfs and wholes. Don’t be afraid to let them get their hands in the mix, they can benefit from the sensory input, plus little ones will love being able to squish, poke and stir with their hands.

Kids may make more of a mess, but honestly not only is it worth it in the long run, but let’s be honest…the kitchen is usually the easiest room in the house to clean up a mess. Not only that, but resist the urge to shoo them out of the kitchen as soon as the pie is in the oven, let them stay and help clean up. Whether it is helping with the dishes, sweeping the floor or wiping the cabinets, they are building life skills while helping you.

The next time the kids want to help with making dinner, take a second to think about all of the benefits a little bit of patience and time on your part can give your kids. I bet you won’t regret that awesome memories your kids will give you in return!

Jules lives in southeast Virginia with her amazing husband and 2 awesome children.  She is a Christian, and loves her camera, coffee, and her Macbook. She and her family can frequently be found at their favorite place, Williamsburg, Va.  Jules can also be found blogging at Mommy Ramblings, or on her twitter and facebook pages.


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  • Great post! I agree totally. My 4 year old is always in the kitchen with me, she reads the recipes, instructions, finds the measuring cups or spoons for me. She loves to rinse the dishes and load the dishwasher as well as unload it. It is great to have her at my side and to teach her all the things she will need to know how to do on her own someday.

  • You are so right. When I led a group of youth at our church I could always get their attention if we went into the kitchen and cooked before our lesson. It was amazing how every child enjoyed cooking.

  • I know and see the benefits of cooking with my children but my Type A task focused self has a hard time doing it. It’s a conscious choice for me. But because I let go (occasionally) of my perfectionism my older kids can prepare their own breakfast and lunch. My oldest (8) can scramble eggs, make cinnamon toast, and is learning to prepare pizza from scratch. All my kids (8, 6, 5, 3) enjoy making biscuits from scratch. Cooking with kids is fun, as long I have the right attitude.

  • I have a few dishes that I have taught my 8 yr old to cook and I have to just go sit at the counter and let her do it, or I take over. My husband is the best at cooking with the kids he likes to cook and does such a great job. He cooks so well! I cook because I have to eat, and feed my family. LOL

  • My son has enjoyed being in the kitchen from the time he was very young. He is now 13. For the past three or four years I’ve been allowing him to come up with his own soup recipes. At first, I helped him with chopping veggies, and eventually taught him to safely handle a large knife on his own. I helped with the stove, and hot things. Now? He does 90% of it himself! He is pretty good too, and all of his combinations and “recipes” have turned out quite well.

    Lately, we’ve been working with eggs. He asked to learn to cook them in every way possible a few months ago. So far we’ve done omelets, poached, scrambled, and boiled. We still need to try a souffle.

  • Excellent post! I most certainly agree!
    Cooking is part of our homeschool day (curriculum). I am determined to raise children who are self sufficient. They can sort their laundry and are learning basic cooking skills and recipes. I created printable recipes with just a few steps and pictures for them to follow. Very simple recipes like personal pizzas and turkey sandwiches. These simple recipes also give them real life reasons for learning how to read and follow directions. (I share these free printable recipes on my blog.) My children are still young but I’m hoping that our time in the kitchen together will encourage them to eat healthy as they get older.

    Just like you, I also let my children help me clean. They actually like being Mommy’s helper. They have simple morning jobs and also get paid homeschool dollars for helping clean the house. They are learning the value of money, getting paid for a job well done and feel empowered to be an important contributor to taking care of our family. (I have free printables for these little jobs and homeschool dollars on my blog also.)

    And you’re right, they might make a mess or not clean up to our adult standards, but they’ll never learn if we don’t teach them. Thanks for sharing your encouragement for getting kids in the kitchen!