Unpoppable Bubble Recipe with Free Printable

Kids love making bubbles! I mean REALLY love bubbles. Below you’ll find a great video demonstrating how to create your own unpoppable bubble solution and a printable recipe. It’s easy, and you probably already have the ingredients you need. (And if you don’t, it’s super easy to find them!)

This would make a fun science activity to do with your child, or use at a science-themed birthday party, or at the beach or the park, or even right in your own house on a rainy day. You could even  make this an incredible science experiment by adjusting some of the variables in the recipe to see what the impact is on the bubbles. Plus, you can easily turn this activity into a math activity as well! Just let your child help you measure and mix the needed ingredients.

So go ahead and make your own unpoppable bubbles and beat the evaporation odds with this DIY science experiment.

What is a bubble?

Bubbles are simply a pocket of air wrapped in a thin film of soap.  The bubbles children play with are usually just filled with air, but bubbles can technically be filled with any gas. Bubbles are actually have three layers… A very thin layer of water is sandwiched between two layers of soap molecules. Each soap molecule is oriented so that its polar (hydrophilic) head faces the water, while its hydrophobic hydrocarbon tail extends away from the water layer. (thank you for that very technical definition).  A bubble will attempt to become a sphere. Why? Because this shape requires the least energy to achieve.​ But when bubbles stack, they will merge walls to minimize their surface area. When same size bubbles meet, the wall that separates them will be flat. When bubbles that are different sizes meet,  the smaller bubble will bulge into the large bubble. Bubbles meet to form walls at an angle of 120 degrees, but if a bunch of bubbles meet, the cells will form hexagons.

Making Stronger Bubbles

Using water, corn syrup, and dish soap, you’ll create a bubble you can actually hold in your hand. Prepare to be wowed by the magic of science. You know your kiddos will love this science hack!! And you can improvise or use the microfiber gloves and plastic pipettes recommended in the video to make your unpoppable bubble solution. Either way, you’ll have lots of fun.

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And don’t forget to scroll all the way down for the free printable recipe.


Below you’ll find a printable recipe for making your own unpoppable bubbles! Have fun!

Your kiddos will love making these unpoppable bubbles!

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